Wednesday 24 December 2008

2 + 2 = 5

After noticing that some rather cunning spam had gotten round the anti-spam filter (a question which asked what the colour of a red t-shirt was) to comment on one of my posts – I’ve changed the question. And this is for the better. Now if you wish to leave a comment, you must demonstrate you have a basic grasp of GCSE maths. If you don’t have such a grasp, I probably didn’t want to hear your stupid opinion anyway.

It’s interesting to note I’ll do literally anything before I start packing….

Edit: Perhaps It’s a teeny weeny bit harsh to discriminate against mathematical ignoramuses. So in keeping with the Christmas spirit, please note that this entry’s title (I’ve just noticed) provides the most brilliant cryptic hint for those who are “differently intelligent” as to what you need to answer my little poser.

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