Friday 30 October 2009

Friday Puzzles #21

So perhaps things have been getting a little too mathsy; and certainly I could do with a sudoku break. So, here are a couple of easy Heyawake puzzles, themed with a small number of numbered rooms. Obviously when you focus on just one of the rules of a puzzle, then you lose some of the richness and variety, and this is the case with these two puzzles. As such they are both pretty easy. Still, I hope they still prove to have at least some fun factor coming from their novelty value. 
    #025 Heyawake – rated easy
    #026 Heyawake – rated easy
I am wondering whether it is possible to do a Heyawake puzzle with no numbered rooms at all – at this stage I’m sort of conjecturing that with enough fiddling about with thin rooms in the corners it ought to be doable…whether that translates into any sort of a fun solve we shall have to see.

All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009


  1. It has been done before apparently, according to glmathgrant here:

    He did note however that it was not a fun solve. :P

  2. Cheers for the link – the ambiguous room puzzle is here: . It’s a bit small but I think it’s fairly pointless trying to make a puzzle like that any larger.

    The glmathgrant puzzle with just that one initial empty room was interesting too. I wouldn’t say elegant, but definitely interesting.

    Congratulations on being a far more prolific puzzle writer than I am by the way!


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