Friday 12 March 2010

Friday Puzzles #35

Ok, so I’m a bit pressed time, so only a little nurikabe puzzle to play with today. I was going for a magic square, initially with rotational symmetry, but that was too much. I could probably flip that 6 the right way up, and get things looking a bit more square with a bit more time, but that’s life I’m afraid. There’s still a couple of subtleties to think about whilst solving this!
    #042 Nurikabe – rated medium
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-10


  1. Nice work. You really like those “ninja star” 5s; one showed up in the pentomino puzzle too. The top left 6 might have taken me longer, but I’ve started to get used to you using that pattern of “circling around” in your Nurikabe puzzles.

    The 1-9 idea was something I got close to achieving here: I too had to cheat, there by adding two 1s. But that puzzle went up during the week I posted seven symmetric puzzles in types where symmetry isn’t usually employed, so I felt a little vindicated by that.

  2. Fair do’s – yeah it was a bit of laziness on my part with the 5 because I know it forces quite a large portion of the grid without having to work very hard for it. Incidentally, I did manage to do it better, but I had to cheat a bit too – this time by adding in a second 5 into the middle of the magic square. See the bonus post!


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