Friday 11 March 2011

Friday Puzzles #95

    #121 Masyu – rated hard
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-11

P.S. you lose if you use uniqueness strategies. That is all.


  1. I can understand your P.S. note; you certainly left enough places to use them. (but I resisted and did not “lose”)

    It was certainly a new trick. I actually got tripped up at the beginning because I only saw a much simpler variant and used it a few times, and then I briefly turned off my “theme-sense” thinking I knew what was going on. It took me a bit to realize the full extent of what you were actually doing, and things were fairly smooth, albeit not at all easy, after I found it. Great work.

  2. OK, this time I couldn’t miss the theme. As you said last time, a particular configuration of 4 pearls, though I managed not to notice it then. In this one, once I spotted the theme and the Lemma for how to use it, it was a huge help. Fun and challenging puzzle. Any time a puzzle reminds me of one of those big Juno masyu puzzles, its a very good thing.

  3. High praise indeed, both of you – thanks a lot and I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I thought it was relatively easy to put together until I realised I was assuming a few things I shouldn’t have been when test solving it. That’s why there are a few visual inconsistencies in the puzzle, but they were decisions made in ensuring the logic I wanted to happen actually happened, in order to set up the next few tricks. In the end it was quite an effort to get things working as smoothly they are now.


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