Friday 26 August 2011

Friday Puzzles #119

I’m not sure what to say this week. I wrote this puzzle on a bit of a downer last weekend, and it seems nice enough looking back on it now. When test-solving I used what I thought was a “medium” technique (whatever that means) to get it done, but I suppose it’s more than possible it’s easier than that.

Good luck to anyone doing the USPC this weekend. I suspect one fellow blogger, Thomas Snyder is hungrier than ever to secure yet another consecutive title (and I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in doing the test to check out his “better know the USPC puzzle series”), but he should probably keep an eye open for another fellow blogger, Palmer Mebane. This particular blogger will be hoping to keep mistakes down to a minimum!
    #149 Yajilin – rated medium
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-12.


  1. Double typo? Let me fix those…

  2. Nice!,,,,,,,,,/,,,,,,,,0n,/,,,,,0n,,,/,,1n,,,,,,,,/,,2e,,,,2n,,,/,,,0s,,,,3w,,/,,,,,,,,1s,/,,,,2n,,,,,/,3n,,,,,,,,/,,,,,,,,,/

  3. I think it does qualify for “Medium” difficulty. Also fun, thanks!



  4. Nice one; quick to solve but I agree with the “medium” rating since a beginner would certainly struggle somewhat.


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