Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Puzzles #150

Well it's the last Friday of Lent, and writing as I have been - from waaay back in the past - this week's puzzle suddenly seems something of an anti-climax. The theme isn't quite perfect and it's not a hugely challenging puzzle either. Mind you, I've never been one for milestones in terms of week numbers, so perhaps I'll do something better for the three year thing coming up. Enjoy!

EDIT: No, nothing's broken with the puzzle this time round, but I have to raise two points.  First blogger have decided to suck harder than a Texan trying to retrieve a golfball stuck in a hosepipe and have apparently ballsed up the commenting "feature".  Ever since google decided to change its privacy policy, all sorts of shitty little bugs have been rearing their ugly heads with the service.  Even before that, they couldn't get something simple like putting time-stamps on the comments in the correct time zone.  I can only hope the reason for the current comment downtime is they are fixing this.

Anyhow, blogger may provide they provide a free service, but so do many others without causing me the need to rant.  And where better to rant than into the vast vacuums of tinternet.

Second point.  Lent doesn't end on Good Friday (thanks pub quiz at The Pilgrim) and so this leaves me in something of a pickle for next week.  I'll think of something, I'm sure.
    #181 Nurikabe – rated easy
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-12.


  1. You could've sacrificed the top 6 for a 7 and made it 6 6s for the theme to be stronger. :P Nice puzzle anyway.

  2. Wow, that rant about Blogger. . . *sighs*

    I've posted two issues on the new Google Product Forums (one involving the pop-up window option for blog comments, and one involving the Google+ share button making the page alignment wonky in Firefox), and so far, the only reply I've gotten to any post I've made on there was to say that my instructions caused the user to realize that their issue was a bug with the Dynamic Views Template (which I do not use, causing me not to have said issue). To their credit, the Google+ button issue seems to be fixed, but I sure wish an employee would have responded to my thread to say it's getting worked on; it is not encouraging to have one-way conversations on the forums which were set up precisely for communicating to the staff what bugs need to be ironed out.


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