Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Puzzles #165

This week dearest reader, I invite you to come with me on something of an experiment.  Indeed, I spoil you - there are two sudoku puzzles for your puzzling enjoyment.  If you'd like to indulge my curiosity, then what I'll need from you is the following.  Firstly I'll need your solving times for both puzzles, and secondly I'll need the order in which you do the puzzles.  How you decide the order is entirely up to you.

Anyhow, if you could leave a comment below, or on facebook, or maybe even just e-mail me that would all be simply marvellous.

On the other hand, there's no pressure to do any of that.  Either way, enjoy!
    #197 Sudoku – rated easy

    #198 Sudoku – rated easy

All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-12.


  1. In order of solve -
    Top one - 2.43
    Bottom one - 2.26

    On paper, if that matters :P

  2. For some reason, solved bottom first.
    Bottom: 3:22
    Top: 3:46

    Feeling disappointed that took so long

  3. Solved the top first:

    top: 2'19
    bottom: 2'30 (little solving mistake at the end, took me few seconds to fix it).

    When I found the 6 in the center of the bottom grid, I undestood what was the experiment. Perhaps you want to know our age, too? I'm 36 years old, so perhaps I assimilate things more slowly than a 20 years old guy !


  4. Did the bottom first, and was a little more dense than usual (8:56), then the top (6:30) which felt fluid.

    Didn't notice anything while solving, but I have a guess now...

  5. Did them in order presented, since I didn't see any other real reason to choose. 5:30 and 6:00 respectively.

  6. I did the top one first, for the same reason as JBross. 5:06 and 6:33 (on MS Paint, if it matters :P)

  7. I've been away all weekend, but I'd like to thank everyone for commenting! I'm quietly pleased that some people might be on to what is going on here, but I'll post more about that next week. I'm not so much concerned about people's absolute times, but rather how the two times compare with each other. What I will say is that things aren't quite what I was expecting - which is in itself quite interesting...

  8. 4:10 for the bottom, 4:20 for top - trying to apply anything I'd learned seemed to do more harm than good.

  9. I did the bottom first in 4:00 and then the top in 6:28, because my printer output makes them come out upside down so the bottom one was on top.

    There was a loooong period of staring at the top one, not seeing anything much of use.

  10. Of what relevance the second question could ve been? Aesthetics do not really impact the preference.Perhaps a better question would be which hand was used.I could not try these as i do not have a printer.


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