Friday 8 February 2013

Friday Puzzles #195

More daily league.

Week 4
Saturday (Little Killer, Stefan Heine)
Sunday (Bridge, Seungjae)

Week 5
Monday (Thermo, Fred)
Tuesday (Rossini, Prasanna)
Wednesday (Classic, Bastien) - highly recommended!
Thursday - (Trio, Rishi)

And finally me.  Odd-Even-Big-Small Sudoku is a beautiful Japanese variant that has a lovely blend of hidden singles and pairs in its solving flavour.  Makes solving an 8x8 puzzle vaguely bearable.

Oh, and the rules.  Where you have a clue outside the grid, the first two cells in the corresponding direction must match the relevant description.  Odd = {1,3,5,7}, Even = {2,4,6,8}, Big = {5,6,7,8} and Small = {1,2,3,4}.  Enjoy!
    #232 Odd-Even-Big-Small Sudoku – rated medium
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-13.

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