Friday 23 October 2015

Friday Puzzles #283

Well I've been and gone to the world championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Expect some kind of write up in the next week-ish, although I'm not sure I have the heart or energy to go into the kind of detail I normally do.

Abbreviated results are:

WSC: 49th -- GBR-A: 8th
WPC: 45th -- GBR-A: 7th

I'm pretty happy with both sets of team results, just about happy with the WPC result and pretty disappointed with the WSC result.

Congratulations to our two new Japanese world champions Kota Morinishi (WSC) and Ken Endo (WPC).  Japan and Germany won the respective team competitions.

A new fixture during world championship week are the two WPF Sudoku and Puzzle GP finals.  I still have a few thoughts about these competitions which I will save for another post, but as a UK author for the 8th leg of the Sudoku I also had the honour of contributing two puzzles for this play-off.

One of them was a classic, which got selected.  Nothing hugely special, but it was probably at a medium difficulty level as opposed to my normal easy level.  I was a little disappointed that my variant didn't get picked, which was a hybrid Renban-Killer variant.  So instead I get to share it here with all my dearest readers!

Rules: numbers placed in cages don't repeat and sum to the given clue.  Numbers placed in shaded regions don't repeat and form a consecutive set.

    #323 Renban-Killer Sudoku – rated hard
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-15.

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