Sunday 25 June 2017

Blog Update

So a couple of things have happened over the last couple of days.  Most importantly on the typography front, I've decided Times New Roman makes for lovely display, and that there are some acceptable other typefaces languishing in the google font foundry.

I'm rearranging other content from the blog as best I can, and there might even by the odd new tit-bit here or there.  For example my PhD thesis!  I'm also experimenting with the "jump break" feature.  At first glance this looks as if it might be immensely irritating to my dearest readers, but I also appreciate that I sometimes waffle on insufferably and this might give people a chance to navigate these choppy waters.

Puzzles this year haven't really happened.  I think Friday puzzles might be dead as a concept, but I'll try my best to post puzzles as and when I can.  I'm not really a fan of releasing puzzles in the awful PNG format that I do currently, so perhaps I'll work a little bit on working on some better formatted PDF content.  This will probably incentivise me to sort out some web scripts which everyone can use.  No concrete promises, but I feel this is an area where I can really make a difference to the puzzle community.  Without wanting to piss anyone off in particular, I see a lot of god-awfully formatted puzzles and it wouldn't take too much work on my part to make everything better for all concerned.

I suspect that puzzles won't be the only thing appearing on my blog.  I have given up on Facebook for the time being, and I might start making blog functionality from about 10 years ago a thing here - i.e. as an outlet for my own thoughts, be that current affairs, be that the banking industry I work in, or anything else worth a mention.  The caveat I give to myself is to at least think things before I post, making sure that I'd raise any content I post as part of a spoken conversation elsewhere.  Apologies in advance to anyone who previously followed my blog for the puzzles only.

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