Saturday 1 August 2020

A small correction to the record

As much as I have tried my best to avoid having conversations about the puzzling community, it seems that I am still the subject of whispers and rumours.  This is something that I ought to find amusing and pathetic in equal measures, and I definitely do, but something about it is still bothering me a little bit.  So here goes, better out than in.

It seems as if there is a perception that one of the reasons I have been previously critical of the WPF is as follows.  At a time, I coveted the role of being the WPF's sole paid employee (misleadingly titled "Director").

This is ridiculous for any number of reasons, but here are two very good ones:

 - I have posted numerous times that my opinion is that those anywhere near the organisation of competitions they are responsible for should not also participate.  I enjoy(ed) participating in sudoku and puzzle competitions for many years, particularly at the world championships, and I have stated several times that I don't think the Director should participate competitively.  My supposed desire to be Director at any point in time directly contradicts what I have stated several times.

 - The WPF doesn't pay nearly enough compared to my current full time job to really consider this worth doing on anything other than a part time basis.  Having previously volunteered my time as the competition director of the Sudoku GP in 2016, I know this would have to mean changing my current employment arrangements, or else being miserable because I had no spare time.  Neither of these options as ever struck me as being attractive.

I should have thought the true reasons I have previously been critical of the WPF are entirely self-evident.  If that's not the case, then too bad, all that stuff is something I have zero interest in revisiting.  To absolutely clear, my current opinion of the WPF is this: I do not give a flying focaccia about the WPF.

All I'd like to add is that it is my opinion that the source of this particular rumour is either a liar or a fantasist.


  1. Flying focaccia with olives?

    It's interesting to see what the WPF objects are (or were):

    • to supervise the World Puzzle Championship (WPC), World Sudoku Championship (WSC) and other WPF events
    • to provide means for an international exchange of puzzle ideas
    • to stimulate innovations in the field of puzzles
    • to foster friendship among puzzle enthusiasts worldwide

    The first one is reallistically more about "delegating" than "supervising". Second... well... I'm searching... Third is perhaps the only one where WPF is active, but the way to do it is debatable (when rules of a puzzle are more complexe than it's solving path...) And fourth.... well, to say it the most diplomatic way WPF is more dividing people than bringing them together.

  2. Nice try Fred :-) I do not know if you are supposed to put olives in focaccia or not. I know how the Italians are with their food sometimes...

    1. I'm able to reassure you that I eated some very good (not flying) focaccia with olives in Liguria


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