Friday 11 September 2009

Friday Puzzles #13

For a lovely sunny Friday afternoon, what could be nicer than to solve a couple of gentle Masyu puzzles? Well that sounded just a little bit too soporific for me, so I decided to spice things up with a little segregation. I give you all-white and all-black Masyu.

Note that you only really get great Masyu puzzles when whites and black are working in tandem – these I guess are more “concept” puzzles. Whatever that means. Still, if Tony’s reading I’m sure he’ll appreciate how wonderful and orderly these puzzles are.
    #017 Masyu – rated easy
    #018 Masyu – rated easy
 All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009

P.S. You may be thinking that I’m a bit a bit of a casual racist – but if you wish to complain, I shall roll up my copy of the Daily Mail and beat you to death with it. So there.


  1. Nice one, Tom. Actually found that one harder than the ones I use to solve. Got it after about two minutes.

  2. Thanks, whoever you are. I presume you’re on about the black puzzle? The white one is possible to do without lifting pen/pencil from paper!


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