Wednesday 23 December 2009

I Might Be Wrong

And so as one mind-numbingly large mass sweeps out the last remnants of the approximately planar elliptically shaped space in the heavens above, with the other even more mind-numbingly massive – er – mass squiggling about somewhere in the middle, the year fades away with a festivity induced stupor; a stupor one might add that has consequences that aspire to be swept away as once more the point of something resembling periodicity is reached. All that might tell you that for the next coming weeks, Friday Puzzles is going to be on hold.

Although, I might be wrong. Well, not about Friday Puzzles being on hold, because it is. The subtle implication in using the words “on hold” however suggests that it might be back in the new year, but at this point I’m not sure that it will – or at least that it’ll be back in a hurry.

Now this is not because I’ve suddenly become massively disillusioned with puzzles, or even writing them. That said, I can’t claim to be the most varied, nor prolific, nor even author of the highest quality puzzles out there – not be a long shot on all three counts – but they are pretty decent and I’m sure people enjoy them. Indeed, according to Google analytics which I set up at the end of September, I have had 854 visits (albeit a few of those will have been me) from places that range as far as Los Angeles, Lima, New York, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, London, Sofia, Berlin, Shanghai, Melbourne, Delhi – and – Kenilworth (it must be said at this point that I’m still a little befuddled by being referred to by Google via the search terms “girl from glamorgan barrel organ”). There is then, some worth to what I have been doing over the past year.

No, the reason for the pause is just the need for a break. Burning yourself out, and especially burning yourself out whilst chasing arbitrarily self-imposed deadlines, doesn’t make much sense to me. Not that there is much concrete evidence of this immediately apparent to my own eyes, it’s more just a feeling I’ve got of impending staleness. How terrifying!

Despite the self-indulgent nature then, of my series, I am in danger of making this post a little too self-indulgent for its own good. Puzzles will appear on this blog in the future, and I hope that they do so in the Friday Puzzles format – but perhaps not for a while, and perhaps not before I try my hand at a more traditional use for a blog (did I say I STILL hate that ugly ugly word) – that of writing. Although, to end on a suitably sardonic note, many blogs out there on the interweb wouldn’t know writing if it came up to them, engaged them in a duel and then lopped off their heads.

Adios, a merry Christmas to you all, and a happy new year!


  1. It took me many years before I felt I should do a weekly puzzle release, and I’d already written 3 books at the time. I’ve enjoyed some of your offerings here and will appreciate you eventually contributing to my online logic puzzle site when I finally get that launched. Happiest of New Years Tom.

  2. Cheers for the new year greetings, and same to you!

    I’ll be back for sure, and would certainly be interested in contributing to your project – I look forward to hearing more about it in the coming year.


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