Thursday 15 July 2010

We're Gonna Groove

‘Fraid it’s not an early Friday puzzles entry, instead I have a couple of puzzle related announcements to make to all you friends, Romans and puzzle fans.

First up. The UK Puzzle Association is proud to announce its new (albeit still under construction) website, The UKPA will be the representative body for the UK to the World Puzzle Federation. What this means in practice is exciting new times for all British based puzzlers, with lots of projects in the pipeline. There’s already a discussion forum, with top notch puzzles, as well as probably the best Sudoku competition this side of a WSC to come. Although I might be slightly biased on that last point!

Secondly, a little pointer towards another promising looking Sudoku competition at the weekend, hosted by LMI and written by two-time World Champion Jan Mrozowski. Read all about it here and the competition page is here.

Finally, my partner in PhD-ing crime, Mr. Robert Tang has in his spare time been helping to organise the annual Sydney University Mathematics Society Puzzle hunt. This sort of thing is no doubt inspired by the (probably) world famous MIT Mystery Hunt, so if that’s the sort of thing to float your boat then you should mosey on straight down here

That is all. I’d better go write me a Friday puzzle!

1 comment:

  1. Cheers for the post. I would also like to point out that ‘all his time’ would be a more accurate description. Need to get back to maths…


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