Friday 19 November 2010

Friday Puzzles #79

We’ve not had a Nurikabe puzzle for a while. I claim this is a medium, but it might really be a hard. The reason for this is that the solving path is logical enough and I don’t want to be putting off some of my readers who do love a good Nurikabe put don’t want to dip their toes into a “hard” puzzle. Give it a bit of perseverance and you will get there in the end…

Anyhow, not the worst puzzle I’ve ever done, and perhaps this was indeed the right outlet after my rather rushed talk on Wednesday. Enjoy!
    #104 Nurikabe – rated medium
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-10


  1. Excellent puzzle.

    Enjoyed it start-to-finish. Got struck a bit with the last couple of 3s and the 13. Otherwise, smooth solve.

  2. Nice puzzle. Easy beginning, nice mediuym finishes in different areas. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks.


  3. Nice puzzle, quite a fluent solve. On the correct side of the medium/hard boundary, I think. Enjoyable.


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