Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday Puzzles #90

I’d definitely recommend the Guardian as the cream of the current UK newspaper sudoku offerings. There may be harder puzzles available elsewhere, but the Guardian puzzles always solve very cleanly, and often come with really striking designs. These are two aspects of a sudoku that most other newspaper providers manage to nail sporadically at best – and here I’m most disappointed to have to include The Times with its often clunky Puzzler Media supplied offerings.

Anyhow, this week’s puzzle is loosely based on a design that I saw the other day in the Guardian; I’ve added in the whole 1-9 theme, and removed a couple of clues to prevent total triviality. Scanraid is much better than me at grading sudoku, and it reckons it’s a 71 (gentle/easy grade). So there we are. Enjoy!
    #116 Sudoku – rated easy
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-11

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