Friday 18 February 2011

Friday Puzzles #92

So – Kakuro. Let the wall of silence begin! This one is genuinely hard this week too. Not hard in the lame way you get with computer generated Kakuro and you end up having to do lots of adding up with overlapping squares, but certainly hard enough to need a few “painting” steps. You might want to keep your advanced sudoku solving technique handbook with you as well. Enjoy!
    #118 Kakuro – rated medium
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-11


  1. I for one still like Kakuro :).

  2. ~3 minutes and seemed straight-forward for me but with fewer Nikoli-style boring moves. I certainly didn’t need any “painting steps”, provided I did 3-way clue visualization to ID a couple min/max locations.

  3. So (at least) double the normal time on a puzzle this size I think I can take as some kind of triumph. What I really need is another Ziti/H.Jo play-off to confirm it.

    So the path i intended was bottom left-top left-and then top right/bottom right were basically independent. The top left I think need a little thought to resolve the vertical 12 clue (what I’d call painting anyway), and the bottom right I intended to be resolved via an x-wing. There’s probably an inevitable short-cut there that I missed given the size of the puzzle though.

    Here’s to more interesting Kakuro!

  4. The path I went was basically just starting in the bottom right and kind of swirling around counter-clockwise to finish in the bottom left, without any truly nasty steps. By Nikoli rating standards I think “hard” is about right, but I dunno about “painting” and “advanced sudoku technique”. Well-designed puzzle, though, and more interesting than the average Kakuro.


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