Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday Puzzles #100

So dearest reader, we’ve reached our 100th week.. Of course, it’s not the 100th discrete week I’ve been putting out puzzles, but let’s not trouble ourselves with mere semantics. Obviously week 100 is pretty close to week 104, with the latter being a more concrete milestone in my own eyes, but why pass up a theme like this? Enjoy!
    #126 Yajilin – rated medium
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-11

P.S. A big thanks to all the people leaving comments last week who I didn’t find time to reply to. I’m glad the idea went down well with you all!


  1. 104? That puzzle would go up 103 weeks after you started (with 0-indexing), while a two-year anniversary would be 104 weeks and 2 days since there’s no leap year. That puts the milestone closer to puzzle 105—or are you measuring something else?

  2. Whilst pedantry is soooooooo last decade, Bryce makes a valid point – week 105 will be within 2 years after you started, week 106 will be the first in your third year.

    However, Tom may not be using the same number of days in a year as you, Bryce; for instance, our financial year at work has 364 days in a ‘normal’ year where weeks 52 and 104 would be significant. As such, Tom is allowed to celebrate whichever milestones he wants :D

    Congratulations on reaching 100 not out, Tom. I look forward to many more milestone puzzles in the future!

  3. Absolutely beautiful puzzle!

    I think a beginner would struggle with this more than the “easy” rating suggests, but veterans will certainly have no difficulty.

  4. Hang on – this one definitely says medium (although to be fair I think I did change it soon after it went out!). Trouble is, there was a spell where I was putting out some hard puzzles where I hadn’t seen other work-ins to the puzzle which made them a little easier. Perhaps I’ve been doing too many of Thomas’/Palmer’s puzzles too – that always skews your sense of perspective when it comes to solving puzzles!

  5. It does say “medium”. Maybe I just can’t read. :)


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