Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday Puzzles #114

So I’m going to dwell a little on the recent LMI puzzle test I put together. Whilst I had always meant to try and set the record straight after the last disastrous puzzle test I had authored for LMI, I only really started getting the impetus to put together a set of puzzles whilst idly sketching out this puzzle. I was very pleased with what was firstly a very pretty design, but also the very hard nature of the logic involved in solving it. There is definitely a solving theme, one slightly expanded upon from this entry – which is hardly surprising as this puzzle was written very soon after I’d done this one.
    #142 Masyu – rated hard
Funnily enough, all the puzzles were near enough done in no more than 2-3 weeks after this, and actually what was causing the delays were all the boring bits associated with putting a puzzle test together – answer keys, formatting and so on.

Anyway, I was on the train coming back to Coventry with a couple of hours to kill on Monday, and I found myself putting together a few Masyu ideas. Ideas which I couldn’t quite perfect in terms of cool new tricks – but the upshot was this puzzle, which again looks nice and pretty, and actually solves in a rather pleasing (albeit not so challenging) way too. Enjoy!
    #143 Masyu – rated easy
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-11

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