Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday Puzzles #115

Permit me, dearest reader, another week lingering over my LMI test from a couple of weeks back. The Suraromu puzzle I put together was one of the puzzles that was most well-received, which is nice because I put it together very quickly one dark March evening just before bed after seeing this MellowMelon puzzle that I thought was really cool. My puzzle definitely has a pleasing logical path in solving it, but I hoped the fact that I paired this puzzle on the same page as the Numberlink puzzle was not lost by LMI solvers! Sadly, with that constructor’s note I should probably label this only medium, but I hope that you, dearest reader, appreciate the novelty with this one!
    #144 Slalom – rated medium
Now onto this week’s puzzle. Whilst I have been fully aware of a set of wonderful java based applets from long time friends of this blog, the Jankos for a long time now, I have always been a little reluctant to add an interactive side to the blog so far. This has partly been because I don’t really have that much control over the bare-bones coding of the Warwick blogs system (for example, my recent gripes with the blockquote marking apparently no longer working), partly because of the fiddling around needed with input strings and so on, and partly because I like to have some control over how the puzzles look. A puzzle is still a puzzle even if it has a bit of a facelift, but I’d prefer it if my puzzles retained as homogeneous a look as possible.

Which is why I was rather excited when fellow maths Ph.D student here at Warwick, Rupert Swarbrick, approached me with a little toy Akari web script that he was inspired to write after seeing my puzzle a couple of weeks back.

The script itself is wonderful in that it is very clever, very simple, is fully customisable with its appearance via CSS, and generally makes me very happy! So with all that said and done, how could I not write another lame 10×10 Akari this week? I’d almost say this one was hard, and certainly the configuration here probably deserves to be sent to 11 some time, but as with 10×10 Masyu, I have big reservations about calling any Akari this size hard. So medium it is – enjoy!
    #145 Akari – rated medium
NEW! – play a fully interactive web version of the puzzle here!

All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-11


  1. Very nice. That’s probably the coolest Suraromu I’ve encountered. Also the first one I’ve seen referred to as Suraromu. I had to look it up before I was like, “Oh, the gates thing.”

  2. That web version doesn’t work in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or indeed any browser except Firefox.

  3. Oh, I see. Green rectangle means “correct.”

  4. Rupert Swarbrick14 August 2011 at 11:08

    That’s a relief!


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