Thursday, 9 February 2012

Blog opening soon!

Welcome, dearest reader, to the new home of detuned radio.  This google blog account will be open for business very soon.  What will happen to the Warwick blogs account is hard to say; so far as I'm still at Warwick, the answer will be nothing in terms of viewing the blog, but I think it's safe to say I'll lock the thing down so it becomes read-only.

After that I'm not sure.  I think the blog will remain viewable, but because the puzzle image files are currently hosted on my personal web-space I don't think that will be of much use to anyone.  Let's not kid ourselves about my blurbs most mediocre, dearest reader.

Anyhow, all is not lost as I think I'm able to transfer across all the posts, comments, tags and all to this shiny new blog.  I dare say the formatting won't be quite right, and I'll need to spend an afternoon or something re-uploading images here but hopefully nothing will change.  Exciting times ahead - enjoy!

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