Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Update to FP155

So it turns out that a puzzle I wrote was broken.  Hrm, no huge deal there, I reckon that must have happened on this blog sometime before... except it sort of is.  The puzzle in question was submitted as part of a puzzle championship - and as far as I'm aware was actually "used" in said championship.  Which is obviously an issue for all those involved.  Well I assume it was an issue, I haven't actually heard any more on the matter.  At the very least, it is a cause of embarrassment for me.

Anyhow all I can do now is apologise, and belatedly offer this one instead.  It's been solved in my notebook, and in paint and I even had another look at the solution grid in the notebook.  If this one's broken I think I'll cry!
    #186 Arrow Sudoku – rated hard
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-12.


  1. Oh, I solved the 1rst version and didn't see that the puzzle was broken... (I don't check the solution if I'm not testing the puzzle for some competitions).

    What I can say is: Don't be too much embarrassed: I saw the Polish files and asked myself why there was no arrow in box 8 (bottom middle) of the puzzle as in the puzzle you posted in your blog... It seems that without those arrows the puzzle is correct (with less symetry, but correct lol).

    But it's strange that they don't tell you that your puzzle was broken...


  2. Ah, well it's certainly a relief that the puzzle wasn't broken for competition purposes. I couldn't honestly believe that such an obvious mistake could have gone through the various necessary layers of testing although I was certainly a little worried! Anyway, it was a silly oversight on my part, and as this puzzle shows it is perfectly possible to pull off a reasonable puzzle with the full symmetry!


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