Friday, 5 February 2021

Puzzle 355: Arrow Sudoku

Look at me - I can make arrow sudoku too! Although perhaps not as difficult as the modern taste demands.  I thought this was fun anyway.  

In case you haven't seen arrow sudoku before, numbers placed in cells with circles must equal the sum of numbers placed along their corresponding arrows.  Numbers placed on arrows may repeat.  Enjoy!
    #355 Arrow Sudoku – rated 4/10 [Medium]
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-21.


  1. Nice puzzle! Fun to get it givenless within this theme. Reminds me somewhat of this old puzzle:

  2. Yeah, very similar - I think Serkan’s chain is a bit neater than mine aesthetically though (without having any idea what the Donnington park track looks like). There’s a good chance that I test solved that puzzle back in the day but honestly I don’t recall ever seeing it!

    That all said I was quite glad to find a neat combination of arrows that guaranteed a complete grid - I didn’t really fancy reworking the initial couple of arrows. Thanks for the comment Sam, appreciated!


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