Sunday 14 February 2021

Puzzle 356: Arrow Sudoku

Well, I don't see why everyone else should be having fun with arrow sudoku and leave me feeling left out.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll make a few more.  

A.K.A. you need a spare arrow somewhere to break the symmetry.  Enjoy!
    #356 Arrow Sudoku – rated 6/10 [Hard]
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-20.


  1. Thanks Sam, the nice thing with this is that there’s a fairly logical follow-up theme. Hope you’re getting on well with your own arrow setting

  2. Honestly I've found it pretty tough! I've discovered the hard way that it's not one of the variants I can set very easily. I did manage a few interesting puzzles, though, including a givenless one with 7 arrows which I haven't seen equalled before.

  3. Givenless 7 arrows sounds pretty minimal! I guess that’s going to be in a similar mould to that minimal little killer Bastien did years ago. I’m fairly sure Thomas has some good examples from back in the day as well, but that’s likely getting on for 10 years ago now!

    1. And on the subject of minimal, it strikes me that your 37 killer puzzle from the marathon is also likely to be currently known as minimal, in terms of number of different cages in the puzzle!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. There were already several known examples for an 8 cage Killer. The 37 puzzles is an impressive construction nonetheless (even if it was brute forced in the end). (If that somehow counts as "fewer clues however, I have seen one with 8 cages but only 6 sums given.)

  4. Really nice puzzle.
    I tried to solve the February 2021 - The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentleman pack.

    Most of them is extreme hard for me, at least half hour.

    This was solvable and had a nice solving path.


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