Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Puzzle Design Competition - Anonymised Entries

I am pleased to announce there were a total of 12 entries to the Sudoku Fixed Layout Design Competition.  Thank you very much to everyone who submitted an entry, I am honoured that each of you took the time to participate and I am super excited to get solving and judging what I am sure are going to be a truly extraordinary set of puzzles!

I am in a bit of a rush at the time of the initial post - expect this post to updated, probably with a PDF attachment for your printing convenience.  Please note that I haven't asked the authors whether they are happy to provide links to online solving tools, so please take this into consideration before transposing the puzzles and sharing.

UPDATE: difficulty ratings have been added to the post below, and I have also put together a PDF file.  Please note the difficulty ratings are based on my initial solves - a sample of 1 is not usually great for the purposes of testing so do take these with a pinch of a salt.  It is fair to say that the two entries rated at 10 / 10 are significantly more difficult than the rest of the set however!

PDF of entries

Expect a further post in the next couple of days with the voting form and corresponding deadline (which will be in at least a week's time), but in the meantime I thought all my dearest readers would be very keen to get solving as well.

Entries have been anonymised using four random digits as a reference.  I will further update this page with a rough indication of difficult a bit later; for now I will add that, based on the authors' self-assessments, the difficult levels within the collection range from easy through to very difficult.

The last thing to say is that I have run these puzzles through a computer checker to verify they solve uniquely only *after* I have redrawn into a standard format, so this should mean that there are no transposition errors below.  If not, please let me know in the comments.

Entry A - 0403
Rated 3 / 10 [Easy]

Entry B - 3233
Rated 4 / 10 [Medium]

Entry C - 4235
Rated 4 / 10 [Medium]

Entry D - 4438
Rated 3 / 10 [Medium]

Entry E - 5308
Rated 5 / 10 [Medium]

Entry F - 5617
Rated 10 / 10 [Extra Hard]

Entry G - 6071
Rated 10 / 10 [Extra Hard]

Entry H - 6283
Rated 5 / 10 [Medium]

Entry I - 7408
Rated 5 / 10 [Medium]

Entry J - 7704
Rated 4 / 10 [Medium]

Entry K - 9133
Rated 4 / 10 [Medium]

Entry L - 9158
Rated 3 / 10 [Easy]

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