Monday 30 May 2022

pzprPT Masyu experiment

I thought I'd try the same thing as the previous post using the pzprRT interface - this time with Masyu.  

UPDATE: I managed to put out 15 puzzles, which seems absolutely insane to me.  I had speculated that the interface might be a bit more fiddly with Masyu, because you can't just type in numbers - however what won through is the fact that you need far fewer clues to get a valid Masyu puzzle.  So there we go, churn out a puzzle in an average of 2 minutes.  Make of that what you will!

Solved in 0'50.  A fairly tricky puzzle in the end, although enabled with a repetition of my favourite diagonal pairs in the corner.

Solved in 0'44.  Mostly smooth, although a couple of tricky deductions.  My initial impressions are this has been a bit more successful than the Slitherlink experiment to come up with puzzles that don't feel too artificial.

Solved in 1'41.  This is the first one I feel like I missed something - maybe too early to say if that points at a computer generated hallmark, although I didn't really like this as much.

Solved in 0'33.  The theme suffered in order to get something unique out, but this was a lovely smooth puzzle to solve.  I might try and rescue this at a later date!

Solved in 1'09.  Solved nicely enough, but with a couple of moments to sit and think.  But these aren't feeling so artificial to me.  I wonder if that's because I'm a reasonably proficient Masyu solver and just get these things quicker than I do with Slitherlink?  Or indeed if there's an upper limit as to how hard you can make Masyu?

Solved in 0'26.  Finally got an anti-symmetric one going, and it's just as good as any other in this style that I've ever written.  Interesting!

Solved in 0'27.  On a roll with anti-symmetry.  This one has a really nice design actually - maybe it compares favourably to most of the others in this style I've ever written.  Hmmm!

Solved in 0'49.  I'm beginning to enjoy these!  This one had a couple of my favourite patterns to get things going.

Solved in 0'36.  Fine again!  A perfectly reasonable puzzle with a don't close the loop early theme.

Solved in 0'35.  Felt like a perfectly good themed puzzle that solved very smoothly to me.

Solved in 1'24.  Admittedly I guessed here - I wasn't expecting a puzzle with a random selection of white pearls to give anything other than something that needed guesswork.

Solved in 0'30.  I guess all-black pearl puzzles are always going to be less interesting.

Solved in 0'52.  This attempt at anti-symmetry didn't quite work out, but a perfectly decent puzzle!

Solved in 0'37.  Another nice solve!

Solved in 0'36 - more antisymmetry and solved well enough.


  1. I did all of them without guessing again. Puzzle 3 was definitely my favorite, it had cool don't close the loop logic in it.

    1. Yes - I now really like puzzle 3 as well now, I did go back and find some really interesting logic there.

      I'm impressed you got through the all-whites puzzle without guessing, I'm still trying to work out if there's anything worth persisting with there...

    2. in rot 13:
      V fbyirq vg ba n fperrafubg fb gung V pbhyq abgngr juvpu iregvprf ner vafvqr naq bhgfvqr gur ybbc. iregvprf gung ner qvntbanyyl bccbfvgr gb rnpubgure nebhaq juvgr qbgf unir qvssrerag cnevgl. jurarire gurer ner 2 iregvprf jvgu qvssrerag cnevgl arkg gb rnpubgure, qenj n yvar orgjrra gurz. jurarire gurer ner 2 iregvprf jvgu gur fnzr cnevgl, qenj n pebff. gung'f cerggl zhpu nyy gurer vf gb vg.

    3. Thank you - I've come across some parity ideas in Masyu before, but that's by far the clearest explanation I've come across. Interestingly, I found I only needed 2 smaller applications of that, and then avoiding a U configuration with a white in the mouth made the whole thing something approaching reasonable.

      Well if nothing else, being able to visualise that helpfully for the first time has made this experiment a complete success in my book!


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