Tuesday 18 October 2022

WSPC 22: Ouch

I didn’t get around to finish posting yesterday, having been totally drained of all energy: mental, physical, emotional. It seems cruel that insomnia now prevents me from finding rest and peace for the night. 

I don’t know if I’ll keep posting through the rest of the week. To be honest, yesterday hit me pretty hard, as I’m sure anyone reading this is beginning to realise. I really wanted to make a good year of it, and I thought I was supposed to be reasonably good at this stuff, but everything seems to be falling apart and I can’t seem to process any of it. I’m in a pretty low place, feeling helpless and useless and in need of a hug. 


  1. I hope you're doing better, you seem like a wonderful sudoku setter and solver.

  2. I stumbled across this little blog while trying to find the origins of the name "German Whisper Lines" which led me to learning that the inspiration was from your name choice of "Chinese Whispers". I wanted to ask what inspired you to give them the name "Chinese Whispers"?

  3. Hi - I replied on the post in question re chinese whispers: https://tcollyer.blogspot.com/2013/06/friday-puzzles-214.html

    Thank you also for your kind words - little gestures make a big difference. I’m planning to blog a bit more now all is said and done. The week was a rollercoaster but in the end I will look back on the experience fondly


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