Sunday, 23 May 2010

Friday Puzzles #47

Ooooh – a Sunday. Looking at the time, I think I’m currently drinking myself into oblivion. I’m hoping that this time I can keep myself away from the gin. Gin always gives you one hell of a hangover, and bearing in mind I’m due to be playing cricket later today that’s one thing I could be doing without.

But what better than a drunken puzzle to liven up any party!? Especially one as tricky as this Heyawake. Some careful thinking is required here to avoid tripping yourself up; indeed, that’s why I had to unfortunately break the symmetry of this puzzle to make sure everything was above board. Still, the solve itself was well worth tinkering with to get right, and so that’s why this one gets to be published. Enjoy!
    #057 Heyawake – rated hard
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-10

P.S. Incidentally, I thought the Hitori yesterday was harder than this puzzle – but a very helpful testing session with this puzzle has probably changed my mind. Thanks Agnieszka!


  1. I get multiple solutions as currently presented. I note that if you mirror the lines in the top-most row down to the bottom-most row (making the grid symmetric), then it solves uniquely for me.

  2. Hmm, it seemed to solve uniquely for me…

  3. Yeah, I’m fairly sure I ironed out the niggles here – check to see if you have 3 consecutive rooms lit up – there’s certainly a lot of scope for making a mistake on this one.

    Incidentally, I was thinking about mirroring the box from top middle to bottom middle, but it made the solve too easy in my opinion!

  4. Sure enough, on 2nd try I solved it uniquely. I think I unknowingly broke it somewhere in the top-center.

  5. I don’t for one second believe this was created in direct response to my comment on puzzle 44, but thanks anyway! Toughest heyawake I’ve done for a while, but a very nice flowing l-r solve. Great puzzle.

  6. The puzzle a day thing was already decided by then, but not what they exactly were going to be. Obviously I’ll claim that I entertain my own whims, but it’s good to get feedback and if people are letting me know they’re enjoying a particular sort of puzzle then it’s more than likely I’ll make some more of them!

    So yeah, thanks for commenting!


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