Friday 10 September 2010

Friday Puzzles #69

So this week I’ve decided to keep playing with the alternative presentation of Yajilin. My argument at this stage is that this really isn’t a stand-alone Yajilin variant, and to reply rather lately to the comment MellowMelon made on the last post that yes, I agree that in general it isn’t too hard in filling up the grid with “useless” clues. With this presentation, I could indeed have gone through that process this week, but there are two main reasons why I’m serving you up the following.

Firstly I couldn’t be bothered. What can I say, maybe I’m lazy, maybe I just need the right motivation. But secondly, I think the shaded squares add a certain something to the aesthetic appeal of the puzzle over, let’s face it, is otherwise a rather barren looking grid.

Certainly, this is a different sort of solving experience going on here, working out the claustrophobic implications of the narrow passage ways than you’d see in your average Yajilin puzzle, but I think it must be reiterated that it’s an easy job to put these back into “standard” presentation.

But you’re probably getting bored reading all that, and would much prefer some puzzles to solve. Enjoy!
    #084 Yajilin – rated medium
[My apologies for inconsistent and unsolvable early versions of #084. For the record, the top left clue went from being unmarked, to being a 0, and finally to its correct status as a 2:)]
    #085 Yajilin – rated medium
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-10


  1. I’ll retract my comment that the conversion is almost always easy and harmless; with this proportion of unclued squares it most certainly won’t be.

    I may have messed up, but I got two ways to resolve the 2 on the right edge of the first one. It was a good puzzle otherwise, with lots of entrance/exit counting to do. The second similarly used long-distance loop-closing logic to great effect.

  2. My bad – I’d left out a clue which for some reason seems crossed out in my pad – fixed now!

  3. In the first puzzle how can there be a 2-up in the 3rd column? There’s nowhere to put them, with the 0-right and forced loop around the corner.

  4. Well that solves why that clue in my book looks like a scribbled mess that I thought I’d crossed out. That 0 should be a 2. Sorry!

  5. Aha! Awesome. Both are really nice puzzles – I particularly enjoyed the both or neither logic on the shaded squares at the bottom of the 12th column of the 2nd puzzle. Very nice! :)

  6. Yajilin in any form rocks! What can be more fun than a single puzzle that combined cell-darkening and circuit path creation. Can’t beat it with a big stick! Keep em coming in any form. Thanks for the great puzzles.




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