Monday, 7 November 2011

WSC '11: update 2

Wowza – quite an afternoon.

Round 3 was, as previously advertised, the “easy classic”, where by easy you have things which could easily pass as Times fiendish. I made a very quick start but unfortunately broke a couple of the puzzles, and ended up leaving 5 of the 16 9×9 puzzles unfinished (although thankfully I got the 6 6×6 puzzles in the last few minutes). Chatting to Jason Z and Byron C this seemed to be a fairly solid, if not spectacular result.

Round 4 was the halved squares round. I feel a little bit annoyed as this was very finishable but managed to break an 8×8 example in pen, and then ended up with 3 minutes in the round to have a go at the 80 point 9×9 puzzle, which was much much easier than the example posted on this blog. Conceding at least 130 points to this round doesn’t feel like an accurate reflection of affairs, but I guess I have my own bad time management to blame here.

Round 5 was the final individual round of the day, with various grey squares in the middle with various constraints – for example various lines which spelled out sums and products for you to work out. Solid but unspectacular progress for me on this one as well with 7 of the 11 puzzles completed, and hopefully error free.

At the time of writing no scores are available so I’m unaware to the extent of the collection of errors that I’ve doubtlessly made.

Right, I’m fairly exhausted and we’re about to go to dinner, so team rounds will have to come later. Here’s to the 7th variety of cake and beyond!

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