Tuesday 8 November 2011

WSC 11: update 4

So there are only 10 minutes before the afternoon session begins, the joys of “not so easy” sudoku to look forward to, so I’ll keep things brief. The pop/rock quiz was a lot of fun, especially as I was chatting with the 3 finalists – Jason Z, Byron C and Dave B. Jason and Byron’s speeds on the buzzers were quite breathtaking at times, and I’ll look forward to editing the footage into something vaguely humorous. In the end, it was Jason who took the bragging rights!

Afterwards we went to one of the hotel bars, and stayed up late playing pool and drinking beer, in the good company of the Poles. Beers til 1am doesn’t sound like the best idea at a world championship, given that rounds start promptly at 9, but you have to enjoy yourself and besides, I find myself living on adrenaline for the duration of the competition anyway.

I’ll save updates of todays rounds til later, but scores are filtering through and at the time of writing I am lying in 23rd, steadily rising up the rankings. Let’s up this continues.

By-the-by, only 2 varieties of cake at lunch, although one was a rather intriguing lime and coconut cake. That’s 11 varieties and counting. Best so far has been the black forest gateau.

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