Friday 18 November 2011

Friday Puzzles #131

Some more book-keeping dearest reader, before we begin. Last week’s broken slitherlink will soon be fixed; indeed last week’s unfinished WPC reports will soon be completed. Oh – and there are a few more pages that I’ll be adding to the links section on the right, which I haven’t updated in quite some time.

I’m feeling a little bit drained and tired and ill this week, a combination of factors ranging from Eger withdrawal to bluffing my way through the proof of the wonderfully titled “tube penetration lemma.” Perhaps not one to google, that.

Anyway, this week a Nurikabe. I’ll be honest and say whilst I tested on paper, I didn’t do it on the png (which I never used to do, but actually catches more errors than you’d think it would). On the other hand there’s plenty of bite to the puzzle, and there’s even something of a theme going on. As well as my word that this isn’t in fact broken, touch wood. Enjoy!
    #161 Nurikabe – rated hard
All puzzles © Tom Collyer 2009-11


  1. Puzzle seems fine. There was a point where I made a guess and lead it to a contradiction, but this put me on the right track. In the end, that guess turned out to be right after all… Thanks!

  2. Nice puzzle. Thanks. Not sure what makes hard and what makes medium, but there were just two pause and consider moments for me, and the bifurcatable paths didnt have to go more than a cell or two to resolve each one, so I would put it at somewhere between medium and hard. Well thought out paths though. Thanks.


  3. re medium/hard – I think it’s genuinely hard if you go left to right through the puzzle. You can do a bit of counting towards the top left and make life a little easier, but even so I think hard is fair. Generally if it seems harder than most thinks nikoli would put out then I’ll rate things a hard. See also the upgrade of last week’s slitherlink from medium to hard!


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